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Our business ethos is to:

  • Partner with a variety of other people and organisations to develop property related end products.
  • Enable our customers to have their own end products designed and developed.
  • Provide end products to our customers where they can enjoy pleasant living and working experiences.

Visual has three primary divisions:


• Property Development

• Property Holdings

• Property Services


These divisions operate closely together. Visual usually starts with the development of a property project. Thereafter, the developed (i.e. income bearing) properties are sold (e.g. to owner occupiers, investors) or retained by Visual as part of its own property portfolio. Visual’s property services division then fulfills certain services in respect of the properties retained by Visual, and also fulfills some services for the purchasers of its properties and for other outside parties.


Property Development - including infrastructure through to top structure development

Most of the occupants of the residences and other projects developed by Visual are tenants. Visual realises that it is important to help such occupants to feel ownership of where they live and work, even though they themselves are not the property owners; and to help them to enjoy pleasant and rewarding living experiences.


An important focus area for Visual in this regard is the social fibre of its villages: understanding, planning for, implementing, and managing the social fibre on an ongoing basis. This emphasis contributes towards a desire by many to live in Visual’s villages. Visual tries to charge reasonable but market related monthly rentals. These factors help to source sufficient numbers of good quality tenants on an ongoing basis; and the availability of suitable tenants enable the implementation of Visual’s business model.


Similarly, Visual recognises that the involvement and funding of investors are required for the development of its projects. Visual focuses on providing such investors with rewarding investment experiences – which entails assisting them to achieve good long term financial returns and a “hassle-free” ongoing property management experience. Visual foresees that residential property holdings for rental purposes will become a new and rewarding asset class for property funds and other investors – next to retail, commercial, office and industrial properties. Such a focus will be of importance to Visual with regards to the planned increase of its property portfolio, and to its investor clients.


Property Holdings - providing rental income

During the past seven years, Visual developed a good rental model in Stellendale Village. Tenants and their families are treated as if they are owners, and the focus is on providing them with pleasant living experiences. The result has, and continues to be, virtually no defaults, a low tenant turnover, good rental escalations, and waiting lists of potential tenants.


Property Services

The Visual Property Club

A property investment club providing high net worth investors with a uniquely powerful wealth-creation tax incentive - leveraging off Article 13 of the South African Income Tax Act.


Property Management

Total property solutions/services for the successful Stellendale precinct and other projects based on the Stellendale model.