142 Edward Street
Mission Statement

Visual’s mission is to:
  • Provide enjoyable and safe living, working and shopping experiences to all our clients.
  • Provide a positive and sustainable investment experience.
The principals of Visual International know that the company’s activities can impact in a number of ways on a lot of people and organisations, all of whom Visual regards as its stakeholders. We strive to act responsibly towards all of our stakeholders, including the general public and the environment itself.

We believe that the acquisition of a home, be it owned or rented, is one of the single biggest independence-enabling moments for a South African family; and we at Visual count it a privilege to facilitate such moments.

All of the work done by and for Visual is carried out by a team of independent individuals, contractors, consultants, banks and other companies, all of whom are hard-working, experienced and proficient in what they do. Visual unites with these strategic partners to develop and build quality homes, apartments, offices, shops and, indeed, entire suburbs, to provide the pleasant living and working experiences we want our customers to enjoy.

At Visual, we pride ourselves on doing a first-class job and playing our part in supporting South Africa's middle-income growth.